What qualifications swim around this webmaster’s brain? Q: Who knows? A: Anyone who reads this page! See what I’ve accomplished so far and you judge for yourself whether this person is wasting his time doing websites with such vast knowledge. You never know, my IQ might even appear on here in the future…

I finished my studies at the University of Teesside in 2007. I earned a 2:1 Science Degree with Honours in Computer Studies. A lot of the modules I did were Internet/Business/Database related, so everything I learnt would be useful for my personal sites.

Before University, I had taken a two year Advanced GNVQ IT course at Middlesbrough College – Kirby Campus – and received a Merit for my troubles. Life there was good, but over the months our tutor was becoming more and more of a pain. It came to a point where pathetic excuses were used in order to stop me from using my laptop at college (which, I have to say, was much better equipped than the computers there). I later heard that he was fired the year after I’d finished.

And then there’s the GCSEs… 10 of them to be exact (That’s if you include D’s as passing grades. If not then there’s only 7 – Some people seem to class them as passes but then you need “so many” C’s in order to get to a course at college so I don’t know what to think). These now don’t mean much any more, not unless I’m thinking of going back to college for any reason (God forbid!).