Hmm, so much to catch up on.

// January 19th, 2003 // Geeky Stuff, General

I dunno where to begin, so I’ll just say stuff at random…

I’ve got my exams out of the way. I only had three but damn they were bastards!! I doubt I’ve passed any of them, really. I’ve only managed to get in approx. 24 hours revision for each of them (That might explain for it all). But they’re out of the way, so I’m relaxing now.

Made a phone call to O2-online on the 9th, ordering my new mobile phone – the Nokia 7650!! I eagerly awaited for it’s arrival on the following Monday (about 1:10pm) and since then I’ve not parted with it! It’s such a cool phone! There’s too much to go into detail right now but expect future entries on here to include some photos I’ve taken while I’ve been about. I may even include them in the photo archives at

On the 10th I ordered an IrDA USB adapter to use with my new Nokia in the hope that it’ll arrive the same time as the phone. Strangely enough, it arrived BEFORE the mobile, on Monday morning. The software that comes with it doesn’t work with the phone when the guy who sold it to me on e-bay said it would (although i saw the same item up for sale there for a little more and it said that 7650 software was in the making so I guess I can wait a bit) but the drivers work fine.

I’ve also bought Auto Modellista for my PS2 – nifty little game, that is.

*Ow!* And I’ve just knackered my knuckles punching the POS monitor I’m having to put up with. *grrr!*

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