Mum caught on cam!

// July 4th, 2003 // Geeky Stuff, General

Before I left for my trip to Doncaster on Monday, I locked my room and left my webcam on in there so that I could keep an eye on it while I was away, using my Nokia 7650. When I checked it while on my way home on the coach, I noticed that I had an intruder: my mum!

After some interrogation, she says she went in to collect plates (As you can see, there’s one in her hand) but here’s the strange thing… When I found out I had an intruder, I checked the times… the picture was from just over 24 hours before I checked, which means either the webcam was unplugged or the pooter was turned off. After finding out my FTP server was off, I figured it was the latter and, indeed, the pooter was off when I got back… She denies turning it off, so I can only assume she accidently knocked the button. That power button is awfully sensitive, I really should take a look at it.

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