Back up and running once more!

// August 5th, 2005 // Geeky Stuff, General

Have you noticed something? Since November, this space was completely empty. But now the site is alive and kicking again! Not only that, but the Nemo and zxoncam websites are also back up again. I finally got round to paying my hosting bills and just look at me! A fully fledged webmaster once more!

However there are a couple of things to make a note of. First of all, since Notnet don’t keep backups from as far back as November, I’m afraid that all the news entries for the last two years have gone! I’m still working on trying to get some back but the likelyhood of that is minimal. On the plus side though, I’ve made a couple of administrative changes to this site. I’m not giving out any secrets but lets just say that, for the most part, this site can be edited remotely. Not only its normal content, but even things such as links and introductions to each page have been coded differently so I can even change everything from work.

The Nemo website is marked as under construction for now, for a number of reasons. The band have progressed an awful lot since the site originally went down. We’re down to a four piece again… the band name will have to change… we’ve taken a few orders from abroad for our demo… an album and possibly a new demo are on the cards… I also want to change the layout of the site because, quite frankly, the other one was rather odd and really didn’t make alot of sense. As well as that, it was difficult to administrate. I want to make things simpler, like I have with this site, and be able to change practically everything remotely. As soon as I’ve gotten all the information I need from the other band members and have drafted a website design, I’ll get to work and have it up and running.

My webcam site is fully working, except that I haven’t used my webcams in ages and have wiped my PC since the site last worked, so there isn’t any live feed at the moment but I’ll get that going shortly. I’ve also got alot of new photos to put on the site, and I’ve decided I’m going to scrap the .avi files on the site and replace them with .3gp (where possible). Since the site last went down, .3gp has become much more of a video standard amongst mobile phones and are compatible with a number of media players on PCs, so it makes sense to just leave them in their original format. There will be an added bonus as well. I recently got hold of video recording software on my Nokia 6600 which finally allows me to record video clips that’re as long as the memory will allow… and since I’ve got a 1GB MMC card in there, I should imagine that future video clips on the site will be longer and appear more frequent!

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you all informed as to how my life is getting on very soon.

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