zxoncam up and running…

// August 10th, 2005 // Geeky Stuff, General

…but not much more to report. I’ve sorted out my server computer so that the webcams are running their live feed of myself now. In fact, I’ve added a 3rd camera to the site so there’re three feeds all at once 🙂 Albeit I had to reduce the resolution of the feeds in order to get three webcams working at the same time on a PII machine 24/7 but I’m quite impressed with it, now more than ever.

Things with our lass are ok. I’ve managed to see her between shifts at each other’s work places and it looks like things could be going her way. She’s applied for a shitload of jobs all over the UK and is currently receiving emails and letters saying that her applications are being processed. Here’s hoping she gets a job that’s worthy of her attention.

I’ve been seeing some friends recently too, catching up on some of the gossip. Paul got himself a new car and is fixing it up as I type. Hopefully, according to him, it’ll be road-worthy within the next week or so (What I mean by that, is that it’ll have a new body kit, spoiler, stereo, interior, alloys etc.) so that’s something to look forward to. Keep an eye on here (or on zxoncam) for a photo of it in the near future.

Work, however, is well depressing. I’m on a “campaign” (as it were) called Wireless & Talk with Wanadoo and it’s really annoying – takes a good hour to solve any problems with the hardware, 90% of the calls are solved by replacing the hardware (because it’s shite!), no one who calls up has the faintest idea as to how to tell us what’s wrong (“My broadband isn’t working” is a familiar phrase I hear on almost every call. Never says how long its been going on for, what the lights on the hardware looks like etc.). Also, the voice that plays whenever we receive a call is so dull. The girl who’s voice was recorded for this sounds like a scrubby townie and doesn’t seem to give two hoots about it. I mean, if that’s the best message they could get then jesus christ!!

I only hope that my idea to go back to University works out ok. I’m gonna go back but do a different IT course there, and I also hope that I can continue from the 2nd year onwards because the first year of this course and my previous course there are exactly the same, and I did at least finish the 1st year of the previous one! Hopefully my credits will carry me onto the 2nd year.

Actually, there was quite a lot to report. I hope to post more entries on here than I did before. I just hope that a backup of my site will show up somewhere so I can fill in the two-year gap on here! I have, however, found news entries for the Nemo website dating as far back as a year ago which, as far as I know, is the most up to date record there is. I’ll be using that to fill in gaps for the Nemo site too.

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