Heuston, we have a problem…

// October 23rd, 2005 // Geeky Stuff

Tip: If your computer starts making funny clunking noises, be sure to backup everything of importance and go get a new hard drive. On Wednesday night it was doing exactly that. Even after a surface test and defrag it was still making the clunking. Then the next morning it just went off and the BIOS wouldn’t detect it! Bloody useless thing!

Then on Friday I got it working again! Hastely I copied all the important things off the drive (documents, downloads, emails etc). Then, a minute after I finished backing everything up, I got the blue screen of death! I haven’t had this on my computer for years, not since I first installed Windows XP on my PC. D’ya know what caused it? A chip on the faulty HDD… black as the night itself, bubbled, and burnt around the connectors to the circuit board. It must’ve shorted out or something.

Anyway, I’m in the process now of sorting out my 200Gb drive to boot up the pc instead and hopefully all will be well in the next 24 hours time!

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