More geekyness!

// August 14th, 2006 // Geeky Stuff

I’ve really got too much time on my hands during these summer holidays. However I’m putting them to good use. Since I’ve upgraded my computer (and the “my pooter” section WILL be done at some point soon) I moved the old CPU and motherboard to the server. Now that should run alot better. I’ve even taken the liberty of setting up my FTP/HTTP servers on that too. Unfortunately due to ntl’s routine maintenance in our area, I’m getting an intermittant connection to the internet. It works when it wants to but disconnects every minute or two. It’s damn annoying, especially when I’m trying to download stuff over eMule and get these servers working! Still, it should all be over by the end of the week (or so ntl’s service status website claims).

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