Well… it’s completed

// November 7th, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

Yup, I completed Zelda Phantom Hourglass today. That was quick, wasn’t it? 😮

A review I’d read said that the game was easy. Well, there were a couple of times where I was stuck for a short while, but that was it really. However, I’ve only completed the main storyline. Like all Zelda games, there are many other things to do which are purely optional, and I intend to get it all done 🙂

In other news, I had to attend a little do this morning at work because I’d been there for three years now. That’s not including the time I was there on Sky for a few months though, as I’d handed in my notice but then came back to work in a different department. But yeah, we had to get up on a little stage and accept the certificate and £50 of highstreet vouchers from Chey Garland. She asked me what I would spend them on, but all I said was “I really don’t know”. I didn’t want to speak much because I had a terribly sore throat, but really I’d already decided I would use them to get Super Mario Galaxy next Friday for my Wii. However, later on in the day, I decided it’s probably best if I put them towards Christmas presents for the folks. Including the voucher I have for Argos, I’ve got £60 there so that’s gotta amount for something.

Oh… the certificate. There was something wrong with mine. I checked most of the others and couldn’t understand why mine was different. Everyone’s had “November 2007” written on the bottom, whereas mine had “February 2007” on it instead. I enquired about it and it turns out that there’s always one that’s wrong. It’s getting reprinted and sent to my floor later this week.

Still, getting down to work for 10am this morning gave me the opportunity to get something else done that was severely overdue… sorting out my room. I made it all spick and span before I left (properly) for work, which included cleaning and packing away White’s cage. 🙁

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