Sod’s Law

// November 30th, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

Just my luck huh? I wait forever for the new N95 firmware to come out and my phone knackers up! For the last day or two it’s been showing “Sim card registration failure” or something along those lines. I wasn’t able to make any calls or anything, yet the phone seemed other wise ok. I tried my Virgin and Orange PAYG sim cards in the phone and they worked fine. However, last night I tried Kev’s o2 sim card and that didn’t work either.

Bewildered, I called O2 and told them about my problem. They said they would check their systems for the status of my account and phone. Later, I got a callback from them… it’s been blacklisted! 😮

Aparrently some time this week my phone was reported as stolen, so O2 blacklisted the handset so it couldn’t be used. They advised that if I’ve bought it legitimately, I should be able to get a replacement from the shop where I bought it. Of course, I didn’t buy the phone on eBay or anywhere online because of the possibilty that I could be buying a dodgy handset, so I went back to the shop in town where I bought it. They were just as puzzled as I was about this! Thankfully, they took it back with its box and contents and they’re ordering a new one for me. Hopefully it’ll arrive on Wednesday. 🙂

For the moment then, I’m using my N70 instead. I’d forgotten just how slow this is, after having used an N95 for almost five months. I think I’ll re-flash it’s firmware in the hopes it’ll improve it’s peformance.

On another note, I’m going out tonight. I was asked over a week ago by Claire – a friend of mine from work – to come out tonight since we’ve just been paid. I wasn’t able to do it because originally I had a gig planned with The Anythings in Stockton-on-Tees. Unfortunately, we had to sack our drummer on Sunday, so now I’m free to go out. I plan to stumble home nissed as a pewt! Wish me luck 😉

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