Got my phone back!

// December 5th, 2007 // Geeky Stuff, General

Yay! I got my phone back today so I’m now back on my N95. The N70 served me well in my time of need, and actually it wasn’t quite so slow as before… once I reflashed the firmware of course! It’s nice having a brand new phone again. The spot of superglue is gone from one corner, a scratch missing from the other, the slider and buttons are stiffer and there’re no scratches on the screen! It’s great!

Something that confused me though. There’s an 8Gb version of the N95 and that has a slightly larger screen and smaller buttons as a result. The plastic cover on the front of my N95 when I took it out of the box was for an 8Gb model. Dunno how that got there. 😐

My hair is still blue! It’s faded a little because I’ve washed it but I think that’s mainly the colour gone from the roots. I’m gonna buy some colour-safe shampoo/conditioner tomorrow to see if it slows down the fading. I don’t want it turning silver by Friday when I’ll be out on the town. Maybe I’ll top it up before I head out, just to be sure.

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