Graduation Photos Arrive

// December 12th, 2007 // General

Well, they arrived yesterday to be exact. However the stiff envelope they were in was too big for the letterbox. Unsurprisingly a card was slipped through the letterbox telling me to go down to Cannon Park and pick it up in 24 hours time. Errm, Postie… ever heard of a frigging DOORBELL!? I was up at the time stated on the card and I didn’t hear a thing! 😐

Anyway, off I went to the Post Office HQ in town to pick up the photographs, along with a new desktop charger for my N95 (which also connects the phone to the PC, I might add) before going to work. Oh dear god I look AWFUL on them! 😮 Compare myself now to them and I look tubby! I’m glad I started this diet to shed a few pounds!

The only good thing about them was that it showed that I AM taller than my siblings… if I don’t slouch 😛

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