Diet Kickstarts Again For 2008

// January 14th, 2008 // Diet

Yup, the diet is starting again today after having almost a month off just eating what I want for the Christmas and New Year peroid! I’ve been starting to watch what I eat last week (as in, watch it go into my mouth!) so that I knew how severe the situation was, and now I can start the diet again properly.

My weight today is…

13st 3lbs

Yup, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight over the Christmas period! I have to keep in mind though, that this weight also includes the vast quantities I had yesterday like a big Pork Sunday Dinner and a big Chinese Takeaway. I had the takeaway because I knew I’d be starting my diet again today.

Hopefully the situation is not as bad as it seems, and I’ll get down to 12st 11lbs in no time so I can continue from where I left off.

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