New licence!!

// November 4th, 2008 // General

After a couple of months of re-learning…


I’m well chuffed with this feat! The last time I had been behind a car was a few years ago when I was leaning under the instruction of a capable instructor in Middlesbrough who was a friend of the family. Back then, when I did my test for the very first time, I failed it horribly (I got a number of minors and one BIG major!). After that, I didn’t continue my lessons. This wasn’t because I was disgruntled or put off, I just couldn’t be arsed. Public transportation in Middlesbrough was pretty good. Buses were regular, mostly on time, and taxis were plentiful and didn’t cost too much to get ya home after a night on the piss.

Now, however, I live elsewhere where the buses aren’t as regular, taxis are rare, and they’re hellishly expensive! For instance, it’d cost between £5.50 – 6.50 to get me home from a night out in Middlesbrough. That’s roughly the same distance as Buxton is from my home now. Whaley Bridge to home in a taxi, less than half the distance… £10!! The alternative? Getting a zigzag pass on the bus for £4.40 which is great value, but the further I go out, the earlier I have to leave.

Now I’m free to go out and get a car! Granted, I can’t drink when I use it but it means I can get out and about conveniently and whenever I want to! Time to check out the autotrader website!!! 🙂

So how did I do this time? Obviously good enough to pass, but I only got three minors, and one of those was going 30-40mph on a 60mph road… but I’d been told by my instructor to go slow on that particular road because it’s such a death trap! Nonetheless, this is such a big improvement since the last test I had, in part because I knew what to expect this time round.

Oooh I can’t wait to get a car!!!

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