My mind’s made up…

// May 23rd, 2009 // Geeky Stuff, General

I’ve finally decided what I’m going to get… Phone or PC… and the winner is…

Yup… I’m getting the Nokia N97. I’ve just pre-ordered it from the Nokia website and it should arrive some time next month. I’m not exactly sure when it will come out because I’ve heard so many different dates from different sources.

Some sources have said that the release date in Europe will be 23rd June, have the phone pinned for a 27th June release, O2 stores have bragged about getting the phone released on the 15th June, and people in the States are suggesting they’re going to get it on 2nd June!

Now, if history has taught me anything, it’s that Nokia have almost always released their phones in Europe first before sending them to the States. If that’s the case, and the yanks are right about their date, I should have the phone within the next week!

However, I doubt that will happen. I think it’ll be on the 23rd June, just before my week off with the folks on their fishing holiday. I certainly would be getting it on, or before, O2 stores start stocking them because I’m getting the phone straight from the makers themselves and not via any other sources.

Now for the long and impatient wait. At least if I was upgrading my PC, I’d only have to wait for the parts to arrive because they’re already out. Still, once I notice the money leave my bank account, I’ll know its on its way 🙂

Note: All dates stated were correct at time of writing.

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