Nokia lies

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Nokia have been promising for weeks that, if you pre-order the N97 directly with them, you will be amongst the first to receive it, at the latest on the day that it’s released in the shops. However, after hearing about the pre-order troubles that the US had, where pre-order’ers were having to wait until after this date (and in some cases, weeks later) I decided to try and get a straight answer out of Nokia, to see if the same problem is going to happen in the UK.

I sent them the query on Saturday and got a response today. This is what it read:

Dear Mr Irvine
Thank you for your recent email to us regarding your N97 pre-order
The estimated date of release for this product is indeed 19th June They will be made available on Nokia Online shop before any other store.
As soon as your order is available it will be shipped Therefore, your item should be shipped on 19th or June or just after, depending where you are in the pre-order queue
I apologise for any inconvenience caused
Kind regards
Nokia Online Shop support

You know what this means, don’t you? I won’t be getting my phone by the end of this week, as promised! Instead I’m gonna have to wait until, at the earliest, the end of NEXT week! I’m sure plenty of people pre-ordered before I did, even though I ordered mine a month ago!

I was really hoping I’d have this phone before I go away on holiday, but sadly Nokia have screwed up once again! I don’t even know now whether I want it anymore…


I have just sent a rather stern reply to Nokia’s email to me today, as I have managed to find where it was that Nokia promised we would receive our phones the day it launches in our country. This is what I wrote:

Thank you for your reply to my query (Email Reference: [THREAD ID:1-2SLK0ZX]) where you confirmed that my pre-ordered N97 “should be shipped on the 19th of June or just after, depending where you are in the pre-order queue”. However, let me draw your attention to your very own Nseries blog, in particular, this entry: … bers-club/
It says in this blog post, and I quote, “Pre-ordering will guarantee you are one of the first to receive the new N97. It will be shipped direct to your door from the production line so you’ll have it the same day it hits the stores in your country”.
One of the countries on the list is the United Kingdom, where I live, where I ordered the phone, and where it will be delivered. I can understand that if I didn’t pay for the faster delivery I wouldn’t receive the phone on time… but I did pay for the faster delivery, and in Nokia’s own words I am guaranteed to receive it the day it launches in my country, which means that at the latest you should be shipping the device(s) on Wednesday 17th June.
In light of this evidence, I whole-heartedly believe that Nokia have broken their promise and should provide some sort of compensation, either by sticking to their original promise of delivering on time, or by offering something extra for free. One example could be the spare battery I also ordered, or a bluetooth headset that people in the states, who also pre-ordered, have received.
I am interested in hearing what Nokia has to say regarding this.

Indeed I am, but I bet you anything I will be disappoined..

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