Damn You Autocorrect

// July 27th, 2011 // General

A website that I tend to enjoy most lunchtimes is Damn You Autocorrect. For those who don’t know, it’s a website full of screencaps taken on mobile phones, mostly the iPhone, where hilarity ensues when the phone takes it upon itself to “autocorrect” what you’ve typed in your messages, assuming you meant something else. Some of the pictures submitted to the site are questionable, but most of them are absolutely hilarious!!

Just today when I was about to head home from work, I was swapping messages with a friend. Sure enough, her autocorrect kicked in and made the conversation rib-ticklingly funny! I’ve submitted it to DYAC in the hopes it’ll make the hall of fame, because I’ve not seen one like it. The picture is below so have a gander!

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